Wereldschool Amstelveen

A school where newcomers are provided with a basis for regular Dutch education.

Wereldschool Amstelveen is a school is a school where we welcome newcomers from all over the world. The pupils are prepared in one year for a future in the Netherlands and regular Dutch education. We do this by offering intensive Dutch language and math lessons.

After a year, the pupils are provided with a basis to start in regular Dutch education. We offer education to students from 5 to 12 years old.

Our school

Wereldschool Amstelveen is the primary school for newcomers in Amstelveen. Our school has five groups. These groups are classified by age. We teach the students Dutch by reading, talking and writing. In addition, we also offer other subjects within primary education, but we ensure that language is our most important pillar. Each student is taught at his or her own level. In each class there is a teacher and a teacher’s assistant present. This allows us to give maximum attention to the students.

At our school we also give attention to the social emotional skills. A child only learns when he or she feels safe and well. Because the classes are no larger than 18 students and the team of teachers is small, everyone knows each other, which creates a nice ambiance. This ambiance creates a safe and stable environment where the students can develop their new language.

The students get acquainted with the Dutch culture, festive days, the traditions and much more beauty of this small water-country. In addition, we respect each other's culture and nationality.

Students feel seen, heard and safe with us: the foundation to learn a new language!

Breaks: The students have breaks twice a day. The first break is for a healthy snack, such as vegetables, fruit or a cracker and a drink. The lunch break is a bit longer, during this moment the students can enjoy their own lunch. We do not have the opportunity to warm the lunch.

Gym class: The students have gym lessons organised by mister Thomas twice a week. The students have their gym clothes and shoes in a separate bag. A bottle of water is also good to have with you during gym class.

Celebrating birthday: When it's your child's birthday, he/she can treat goodies at school. We celebrate this in class by singing songs and make it a real party. The birthday boy or birthday girl is allowed to hand out goodies, preferably a pre-packaged treat and not too much.

School hours, days off and holidays

The school door opens at 8:45. Class starts at 9 a.m. The school is out at 14.30.

Holidays and days off, schoolyear 2022/2023

  • October 14th: Studyafternoon teachers, children leave at 12 o' clock
  • October 17th t/m 21 october: Autumn holidays 
  • October 24th: Studyday teachers
  • December 23th (12:00) to January 6th: Christmas holidays
  • January 9th: Studyday teachers
  • February 27th to March 3th: Spring break
  • March 6th: Studyday teachers
  • March 29th: Studyday teachers
  • April 7th: Good Friday
  • April 10th: 10 april: Easter Monday
  • April 24th to May 5th: May holiday 
  • May 18th: Ascension day
  • May 19th: A day off
  • May 29th: Pentecost
  • May 30th: Studyday teachers
  • June 12th: Study afternoon teachers, children leave at 12 o' clock

Special days

  • Augustus 29th: Start schoolyear
  • August 30th: Coffeemorning
  • September 28th: Coffeemorning
  • September 30th: School photographer
  • October 5th: National Teacher's day
  • October 5th to October 14th: Children's Book Week
  • October 26th: Coffeemorning
  • November 30th: Coffeemorning
  • December 5th: Sinterklaasparty 
  • December 6th: School starts at 10:00
  • December 22th: Christmas Celebration
  • January 25th: Coffeemorning
  • February 22th: Coffeemorning
  • April 5th: Coffeemorning
  • April 21th: King's Games
  • May 16th: Celebration Teacher's day
  • May 24th: Coffeemorning
  • June 28th: Coffeemorning
  • July 21th: Last day of school 

Wereldschool Amstelveen is part of the Amstelland Education Group Foundation. This foundation includes 13 schools, each with their own identity. After their period at Wereldschool Amstelveen, our pupils often go to one of these schools.

On the website of the Municipality of Amstelveen you will find all information about the municipality.

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